Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gaddaffi Captured!

Gaddaffi Captured!
Or Qaddafi killed.
Or Gaddaffi surfaces in Yemen.
Or Muammar Gaddaffi still at large.

These are the headlines many are waiting for as they watch the 24 hour news stations.
None of these are the main story line in Libya.
What is?
That regime change will have come from within with support from western powers and the concurrence of the Arab League.
Unlike Iraq and Afghanistan where regime change was produced by external, mainly U.S. forces; Libya is a case study in a true popular movement in the Middle East.  This is what President George H. W. Bush had hope for in Iraq at the end of the first Gulf War.
While entry into this conflict further eroded the liberty of all Americans; Libyans are tasting an opportunity to engage in self rule, and perhaps even some form of democracy.  This was a movement that began with the Libyan people.
Statesmen from around the globe should be more focused on offering assistance on an as requested basis.  Supporting nations should be reserved, but responsive when the requests are presented.  That is, let’s not be pushy, but let’s be on time once the new government needs help being the new government.
The United States needed a little help from France in the Revolutionary War, but this continental revolt was surely an American affair.  Likewise, what is happening in Libya is home grown change.  Let’s see how this goes if we stay in the background and only help when asked.
There is one more to add to the list of Gaffaffi possibilities.  Gaddaffi counter attacks!  We have the luxury of looking to the future.  In Libya, these makeshift militiamen still have a fight to finish.

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