Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Truth Matters


Saying that BLM supports helping black people is like saying that KKK is just a good inning for a pitcher.   BLM is by their own acknowledgments a Marxist organization intent on destroying the nuclear family, including promoting this pick your own gender business.

Their statement/stance is a moving target.  It has been softened over the past few years and does not currently include killing police.

The KKK is a racist organization even if I try to promote it as a baseball thing.

I’m glad to see some messages coming out that read “I believe that black lives matter “instead of blindly supporting the BLM that wants to create anarchy in the government and in the family.

Please use the sound mind that God gave you.  If you want to promote racial reconciliation, then do it, but don’t jump on the bandwagon of the month because it sounds good.  Envision the end state of BLM.  There will be no liberty.  There will be no racial equality.  The family unit will be defunct.  Someone other than God will help your child determine what gender they are and the government in whatever form it takes in post-democratic America will require its approval.

I don’t think I have to explain what the KKK wants.  I don’t know why it is necessary to reiterate what BLM promotes.

BLM and the KKK both emanate from evil intentions.  Don’t show your support for them in any fashion unless you truly support the evil behind them.

Try this exercise.  Name 3 people that BLM or KKK has helped in a tangible way, not by using them to promote hate or further the organizational cause or as a media showpiece, but by helping them get a better job or home or education. 

Truth matters.

Love matters.

Reconciliation matters.

Hope matters.

Service matters.

Life matters.  It is a gift of God and we must cherish it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The tools of the Father of Lies


I usually scroll past these under the counsel of Proverbs 26:4, but so many whom I know have succumbed to the wiles of the devil.

Hate the president all you want.  Don’t vote for him.  Campaign against him but do not succumb to the Father of Lies.  Understand that in this post is a single statement.  It is surely an opinion.  If it is fact, the post brings no supporting documentation to bear, but the statement is made nonetheless as if it were fact.

Next are a series of conjectural statements that are red herrings and non-sequiturs.  I’m sure there are other logical fallacies, but the most evident should suffice.  Logical fallacies are used when the facts will not support the desired conclusion. 

You shouldn’t be surprised when…

Abusers support…

Perverted people support and defend…

It’s not coincidence…followed by unsupported statements…

Imagine if instead of the president’s name, someone substituted that of your husband and declared in a singular statement that he is a pedophile.  No supporting documentation is provided nor required by the online venue.  Someone just posts the statement.  That person may or may not believe it, but now the statement is out for public consumption.

Some who know your husband, might reject the statement outright. Others might suspect something because someone was bold enough or capricious enough just to make the statement.  Either way, the statement is out there.

Based on zero facts, we will support the statement with logical fallacies.  Anyone who stands up for your husband, must also be a pedophile.  What other excuse could they have?

Spice it up a little and advise people don’t be surprised when those supporting your husband are guilty of the same crimes.  These people are otherwise known to you as respected members of the community, but get lumped into this melee to avoid having to produce facts.

You shouldn’t be surprised when your husband’s friends are outed as well.  Realize that at this point, there is no evidence to support your husband or his friends are pedophiles, but using the tools of the devil, you can paint them as if they are.  Facts and evidence just get in the way. Hate and contempt must rule!

Rally people to your cause playing on their emotions and blinding them to the fact they have been deceived.

Let’s continue with non-sequiturs.

Pedophiles support and defend other pedophiles. 

Perverted people support, defend, and champion other perverted people.

Most people would agree with these statements but they have no real connection to the initial statement that your husband is a pedophile which was made without supporting evidence.  They are not supporting facts.  Logical fallacies are designed to deceive those who have surrendered their sound mind.

Those who don’t like your husband for any reason at all, are called upon to jump on the condemnation bandwagon.

Let’s wrap up this exercise in a style similar to the original post.  It is not a coincidence that your husband’s friends and supporters who try to help your husband out are tied to pedophilia and perversion. 

When you don’t have facts and logical argument, all you can really do is reword the same fallacies to appear as a conclusion. 

It’s unlikely that anyone would do this to your husband, brother, son or other dear friend.  Public figures know that they are subject to hate and disdain and all manner of assertations that may or may not have merit.  I know of no perfect people in the world and the faults of those in the public eye are always magnified.

But this is not about President Trump or your husband or son.  It is about integrity.  Will we employ the ways of the Father of Lies as if he is our own father?

Are we fearful of facts?

Have we lost the ability to discuss and reason?

Have we surrendered the sound mind which is of God for the tools of the devil?

I have my list of political leaders that I don’t really like.  I am not called to condemn them using the tools of the devil.

I have had many laughs at the expense of many politicians.  Representative Cortez and former VP Biden keep me laughing.  Of course, I had my laughs at former President George W. Bush as well, when he couldn’t get a door to open or he tried to pronounce nuclear.

We are entitled to laugh a little at our leaders.  They know it comes with the territory, but when we resort to demeaning them by false argument, it is not about our leaders but about us.

It’s about us.

As noted in the beginning, I usually scroll past these sorts of posts, but so many that I know and love have been ambushed. 

I would not expect anyone to agree with my political choices based on this post.  That’s not the goal.  Campaign your hearts out but don’t sell your soul along the way.  Keep your sound mind.  Challenge the authenticity and argument of that which you choose to support.

Do not be deceived.