Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After

A hurricane and winter storm made things difficult in the northeast.
Some had to wait hours to vote.
Some hardly waited at all.
Some are celebrating victory.
Some are crying.
Some don’t care.
But once again, the United States of America has peacefully elected a president, vice president, and a legislature.  That’s an accomplishment even if your candidate or party didn’t win.
There are no troops or tanks in the streets.  There was no blood shed. 
There was a participatory process that produced a government.
Whether you like the outcome or not, count your blessings that we live in a nation that believes power emanates from the people.
This is a bigger blessing than most realize.
Pray for your leaders.
Pray for those service men and women who offer their lives for our liberty.
Pray for God’s continued blessings on our nation.

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