Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Monday, August 27, 2012

As we grow closer to the November election

Obama and Isaac might not care much for Romney,
But the American public wants to vote out all this acrimony.
Debates are coming and some sparks will fly,
But the guys and gals watching just have to ask, “Why?”

Why can’t we govern for the good of all?
Why must someone always take a fall?
Can’t both men advance solely upon their merits,
Without trying so hard to scare us completely of out wits?

There was a day when the candidates who ran,
Were considerably less politician and much more statesman.
If those days are gone, tell me where did they go?
I’ll go and retrieve them as soon as I know.

Perhaps power in its purest form brings out the worst that’s in us.
A change of leader in other lands oft comes with blood and vengeance.
But here our bloodlust is replaced with a deluge of tainted oratory.
In the hopes that voters will believe the latest, greatest story.

But in the end no blood is shed and a leader will emerge.
Perhaps by only a few votes or maybe with a surge,
For one candidate or the other who somehow rallied the greater vote.
But when the music stops there is no final note.

For the campaigns for the next round are already in motion,
But in those intervening years people pray that for our nation—
That those who are elected to govern not become addicted,
To mainlining power for surely they will be convicted.

Not of crimes we find in law books or even regulations,
But of putting self before the welfare of this great and glorious nation.
For it is the Grand Experiment and it has survived beyond expectations,
But if we revived true statesmanship, we would have a genuine celebration.

For we have pointed fingers at each other for too many decades now,
It’s time to set aside all selfishness and to our God we bow.
And be the land of liberty and justice for the whole world to see,
And get back to working together from sea to shining sea.

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