Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Monday, November 16, 2015

On the other hand...

Okay, so I will be the voice that runs counter to my conservative brethren.  I will not jump on the bandwagon of pettiness in the name of the national security nonsequitur of the week.

This whole business of not taking in refugees runs counter to the compassion and mercy that I grew up with as an American.  We are a people who know compassion.  To deny it is to deny ourselves.
That said, we also are a people who once had a flag that read, “Don’t tread on me.”  I see no conflict between compassion and combat, between mercy and might, or between if you mess with America, you should expect the wrath of the entire nation.

If you have suffered and are a victim of the most powerful regimes in the world, the USA should stand as unique in that we still accept your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…

I am all for blowing evil men and causes to smithereens but let’s not turn a blind eye to the refugees that this creates.  We drop bombs at will.  I am good with that.  Send a sniper’s bullet to split open the skull of an evil man—go for it.  Have the Marines fix bayonets and send these Islamic terrorist to their 72 virgins—git ‘er done; these brokesticks are surley not getting any in the here and now anyway.  Send them on to their eternal reward.  On the other hand, let’s dip those bayonets in pig blood first and mess with the ongoing eternal orgy that supposedly awaits them.

If you are an enemy of the USA I am in favor of hunting you to the ends of the earth and killing you. 

If you are a victim of war, we must still be a nation that knows mercy.  It is part of who we are.

Do we need to maximize screening?  Absolutley!  Enforce some sort of tracking and verification system—by all means.  Help only those who truly need it, of course.  I am not saying that we should expose ourselves to attack.  We are by and large an intelligent people who can figure this out without saying that we have become such a puny nation that helping the helpless has suddenly fallen into the “too hard” category.

Deny who we are by sending the helpless and homeless to fend for themselves—I hope that is not who we have become.  How petty a people we must be if that is the mindset of America.

Enemies of America look out, there is a bomb or a bayonet headed your way.

Those who need mercy need to know that we still have a heart of mercy in this land.  We are still a light in a dark world.  We are Americans and we will continue to be a light unto a dark world.

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