Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Why I will vote Republican in this Age of Confusion

Not long ago, I asked online what the Democratic Party stood for—I had been reading a Hate Trump sort of post.  I got one vanilla reference to a third-party sight that at least mentioned some differences between the two parties, but I have yet to hear a Democrat articulate their objectives, save get elected and impeach Trump. 

I grit my teeth whenever I think about Americans of any party seeking to overthrow a legal election by circuitous and subversive means. There is a presidential election in 2 more years.  If you don’t like the president—even if you hate him—the Constitutional way to overthrow our Chief Executive is already in place in 2020.   I still ask for someone to state with clarity what the Democratic Party really wants for this nation.

Taking that into consideration, I thought I should hold myself to the same standard and enumerate what the Republican Party stands for.  This is my list, which is surely not comprehensive but at least hits 10+ main areas.  Some of these are less Republican Party goals as they are Donald Trump goals.  The latter are annotated below.

I will state in advance that I am not happy with the Republicans sticking to traditional values.  Too many have sold out, especially at the fiscal responsibility level.  At the national level, I still lean right of center on most issues, especially considering some of the anti-American rhetoric from the left, but I should be able to state why.

Here’s my list.

God is welcome
National Defense
Strict Construction of the Constitution
Value Individual Liberties provided in Bill of Rights
Value life from inception to death
Smaller Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Jobs back to America - Trump
Immigration Reform - Trump
Lower Taxes
Reasonable Health Care - Trump
American Uniqueness – Without the USA who will be a light unto the world?
Distinct Separation of Powers—Namely removing judges that usurp legislative and executive power
Civility and Statesmanship
Providing Opportunities for Success over Handouts
Free Markets over Socialism

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