Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Friday, February 2, 2018

Services will be held next week for a long-time friend of many

Services will be held next week for a long-time friend of many.  Enlightened and enlightening were trademarks of our dearly beloved companion who lost a battle with acrimony and vitriol over the past several years.  Civil Discourse—known to many as just Friendly Conversation—died a painful death, holding on to hope until the end, but the end has come.

It is a sad day in our nation and even in the small communities where Friendly was known so well.  In the halls of government, Civil Discourse was recognized and welcome on every occasion.  We will miss Civil Discourse in the days, months, years, and decades ahead.  While time is said to heal all wounds, only a true memorial to our friend written on each and every heart will bring back our companion who was truly a servant to all.

I already miss Civil—a true friend and often a mentor.  Modern conversation is terse, hollow, and mean-spirited without the presence of mutual respect.  I have always enjoyed different opinions, perspectives, and thought processes; however, without Civil Discourse, it’s all just hateful noise.

I enjoyed learning something from people who thought differently than I did.  That’s almost a deadly sin now—to listen expectantly and respectfully to others because we might not actually know everything ourselves.  I miss you Civil Discourse but at least I can say that I had the privilege to know you and call you friend.

The service for Civil Discourse will be without meaningful comment so as to avoid memories that might offend those with nothing better to do than being offended.

Civil Discourse
BC 500  –  AD 2018

Rest in Peace

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