Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Monday, November 6, 2017

Young boys taking a knee during the National Anthem

I went to the last high school game of the season and was happy to see everyone being respectful.  Early this season, every player had run onto the field with an American Flag held high.

But at this last game,  a few young boys off by themselves took a knee.  They were too young to understand what they were doing, but they had surely seen this on television.

Much like when I was young, boys kicked their leg high because that’s the way Juan Marichel did it or held their bat high over their back shoulder because that’s the way Carl Yastrzemski did it; these boys did what they had seen professional players do.

No message was attached to their kneeling.  They had simply done what they had seen on television.  Most learned how to show respect for the flag from those around them.  Now they learned how to disrespect it from people on television.

The children learned only disrespect.  They do pay attention to our actions.  They are prone to emulate.  Is it the desire of NFL players to produce a generation of discontent?  Is divisiveness the new norm for celebrities?  Is it their goal for our nation?

Every parent knows that actions speak louder than words.  Most of what these children know are the actions they have seen.  Parents, scout masters, and even classroom teachers show children the right way.  It only takes a celebrity miscalculating the cost of an action to set back the values that so many hard-working people have given their time to instill.

You could call this the law of unintended consequences or just selfishness, but it needs to change.  To the one who is given much, much is expected.

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