Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Do I just turn off the NFL?

Do I just turn off the NFL and the absurdity of millionaire athletes exercising their First Amendment Rights to show how disgruntled they are with the land of the free and the home of the brave?  It’s a little ironic that these who use center stage to protest are the most blessed in our nation.

Like I said, it is the right of American expression.  It is their right.  I think in many cases it disrespects so many Americans who put others first, but it is their right.

 Instead of tuning out, let’s exercise our rights.  How about we begin on October 1st by wearing Red, White, and Blue to every sporting event to demonstrate our support of those who serve:  Servicemen and servicewomen, police, fire and emergency service workers and all those who put others before themselves as they often put their own lives on the line.

Pull for your team but wear Red, White, and Blue.  Imagine an entire stadium that was all red, white, and blue regardless of who your team was.  Let’s make this football season a time to pull for your team and support those who serve.

Let’s start on October 1st and continue through the Super Bowl.  Instead of exercising our rights to promote further divisiveness; let’s use them to promote unity and respect those who serve, at least when you attend these events.  Hey!  It’s you right too.

Junior High, High School, College, and Profession Football events all full of fans and supporters dressed in our nation’s colors could be a very visible sign to this nation that we do respect those who serve.  It would say that we desire unity and reconciliation more than divisiveness and insistence on so many selfish agendas. 

Let’s start this Sunday with Red, White, and Blue at every sporting event.  If I turn on my television and see a sea of colors of support, I might be able to stomach a few millionaires demonstrating how disgruntled they are with circumstances that they do not endure themselves.

Let’s exercise our rights but use them for the general good and not our selfish agendas.  Are there still problems in this nation?  Yes, but further divisiveness won’t fix them.  Let’s take this opportunity to move towards unity.  Let’s take this football season to say we support those who serve so selflessly, many giving their lives in the service of their country and communities.

Let’s exercise our right to say, we want to be one nation under God.  May God bless America.


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