Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer

Tom in Iraq as a Military Observer
They sent me here just to watch...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Libertarians as the modern nuclear deterrent

If I were forced to classify myself politically, it would be as libertarian.  I think that government should be as small as possible and individual liberties maximized to the fullest extent.

I also know that in this 21st century, my political leanings are not practical for governing.  At best, I can describe them as a nuclear deterrent.  Two hundred years ago, we could have come close to a libertarian society.  Today we live in a far too complex world.

I don’t like the fact that the government can and probably does listen to all of my electronic conversations; however, I like it less when some radical hijacks a jetliner and flies it into a skyscraper.

I know that the cost for “Big Brother” looking out for my security is high, but that to drop all of our high tech surveillance in this age would be an invitation for invasion on multiple fronts.

So what is a libertarian to do in this post modern era?

Join the conversation. It is just that simple.  Unique perspectives add collective strength.  Insistence on an exclusively libertarian stance is as absurd as the opposite extreme.  Our system was set up for a dialogue of dedicated servants.

Our system works on balance not extremes.  Extremes within the system are good so long as they do not bring things to a halt or are likewise ignored because they are not in the majority.

I want libertarian views heard, considered, and worked into the mix.  I do not want them as the mainstay of modern government.  They are at best a nuclear deterrent when used in standalone mode.  As part of the grist for the governmental mill, they make for a better meal mix for the people that must consume these products of law and regulation.

We libertarians were born two centuries too late to get our own way, but we would still like to influence the overall health of our republic.

We don’t want to nuke the system and leave our country devastated, but we know that we must turn around from the heading that we have been on too long.  We need to be a serious part of the discussion without insisting on our own way every time.

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